★ RedCupParty ★ ADAM KILLS EVE + guest // 13GEN // Cycle~ Club @ Cycle~, Calenzano [13 gennaio]

★ RedCupParty ★ ADAM KILLS EVE + guest // 13GEN // Cycle~ Club

21:00 - 03:00

 Pagina di evento
Via Francesco Petrarca 180, 50041 Calenzano
Torna il «RED CUP PARTY», l'appuntamento mensile più festaiolo del Cycle Club!

★★★★★★ Vol. IV ★★★★★★

☛ promozioni alcoliche (birra 4€, shot 2€)
☛ offerta musicale sempre diversa
☛ beer pong challenge!


Adam Kills Eve
Adam Kills Eve have been walking the line between screamo and pop since 2006. Their songs blend raw emotion of an uncompromising sound together with the search for harmonic moments that will find a place in the heart of their audience. The new concept EP «Of time» delves deep into the contradictions of time perception and the non linearity of its own flow: from the teenage naivety homesickness to the need to not put to much hope in a future that is always too late to come. The truth stays is the middle, into the present.

AQUIVER is a melting pot of different musical and life experiences, a blend of our deepest emotions. They all come from important experiences with different bands and tours played around the world. Members’ side projects and past collaborations include What a Funk, Trick or Treat, Francesca Michielin, Klogr and Withered Wisteria. The production of the debut album ‘Frames’ was entrusted to world-renowned professionals who were able to forge an overwhelming and unique sound. The music explodes song after song running like a clockwork, alternating rage and passion. The mix was skilfully handled by Dan Korneff (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Pierce the Veil) in his own studio ‘Sonic Debris’ in NY and it’s the successful completion of the ambitious work done by the producers and the band. Their main influences range from alternative rock to pop and electronic; a portrayal of something in between Bring Me The Horizon, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Pierce The Veil and Underoath.


(alternative rock from Empoli)

(punk-rock from Wildarno)


~~~ Cycle~ Club ~~~
Via Petrarca 180 Calenzano (FI)
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� facebook.com/cycle.sound

Ingresso: 5€

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[email protected]
✆ 333 62 67 828
✆ 334 90 11 703
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